Types of Outdoor Circuit Breakers – Voltage Class, Installation, External Design

outdoor circuit breakers

Classification of the Outdoor Circuit Breakers Outdoor Circuit breakers can be classified using different criteria namely: The intended voltage application The location of installation Their external design characteristics, The method and the medium used to interrupt the current The voltage class The classification of outdoor circuit breakers by their voltage class will be a logistical start. This is the voltage level at which the breakers are intended to be used. This first broad classification divides the classification into two categories. They are, Low voltage circuit breakers which are rated at…

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Types of Insulators – Overhead power line Insulator

Types of Insulators - Overhead power line Insulator

Some of basic Information about Insulator  Different types of insulators are used to prevent the flow of current to the earth from the transmission line. Insulators play an important role in the successful operation of the line. In bare conductors, primary insulation is provided by the air between conductor to conductor and between conductors to earth. At the point of mechanical support, insulators are provided. In low voltage, a line such insulators are relatively simple but at Extra High Voltage and extra High voltages they are complex. Requirement of an…

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Advantage and Dielectric properties of SF6 circuit breaker

Basic Information about SF6 Circuit Breakers Some of the outstanding properties of SF6 circuit breaker gas are Electrical and Thermal Properties High dielectric strength Outstanding arc-quenching ability Excellent thermal stability and Good thermal conductivity Physical and chemical attributes Chemically inert Non-toxic non-inflamable non-corrosive non condensable at low temperature Advantages of SF6 circuit breaker gas when used in power switch gear Increase safety Reduction in size Simplified design Reduction in weight Reliability of operation Noiseless operation Ease of installation Ease of handling and Ease of maintenance Dielectric Properties OF SF6 At atmospheric…

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