Commissioning Procedure for Electric HT Motor

Commissioning Procedure for Electric HT Motor

Quick Guidelines of Industrial Electric HT Motor

Pre-Commissioning checks:-

  1. Check for the proper fixing motor on the foundation.
  2. Check that the motor can be easily turned over by hand.
  3. Check motor winding resistance on each phase; verify that they are equal.
  4. IR value and PI value of the motor to be checked.
  5. IR values and HV test on the cable to be performed.
  6. Check all the tripping and alarm signals from winding and bearing TRDs (through scanner if provided)
  7. Testing of ht motor protection relay and tripping of the circuit breaker from the relay to be checked.
  8. Check the phasing of the HT motor cable.
  9. Check the tightness of the cable connection at the terminal box of a motor and at the panel; ensure correct installation of flat washers/spring/ bimetallic washers.
  10. Do a complete functional check ( sequence check ) of the ht motor  starter panel, with the breaker /contractor in ‘Test’ position,
  11. Check that all motor auxiliaries ( such as lube oil pump, etc) are operating properly.

 HT Motor Solo Run (Uncoupled Run):

  1. Close and open the breaker/contractor. Verify the direction that direction of rotation of the motor is correct, and that cooling fan blows air into motor
  2. Close the breaker. Take a reading of winding temperature, bearing temperature and current. Run the motor until bearing temperature reaches a steady value.
  3. The record also the vibration, and check for any abnormal noise.